TOOLING has long-lasting relationships with distributors in South America, and especially in Chile, where the pressure for environmentally conscious solutions is constantly increasing. Therefore, TOOLING is proud to be the dedicated supplier of saw blades to one of the largest sawmills in the region, CMPC MADERAS. It is the first Chilean company to receive the UN’s Green Bond certificate, which means that it follows the UN’s goal of investing in three sectors; economic growth, environmental considerations, and societal development, which it has done over a ten-year period with more than 50 million USD.

This partnership is only one example that confirms that:

  • TOOLING offer internationally recognized quality products
  • TOOLING has a compatible sustainability initiative with large customers worldwide
  • TOOLING has an outstanding service minded profile
  • TOOLING has a market leading delivery time

The next step and future within this partnership lies in the extension of product offering to also include planing and woodworking tools, which carries an interesting potential.